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      Is one of the six houses with coat of arms in the land once called Terras de Nobres, it is located in Vilarinho da Castanheira parish belonging to Carrazeda de Ansićes council.

     This house is the most antique of all. Belonged to Major Manuel Velho de Azevedo Lobo, considering the writings of Abade Baēal, and it were the house that received Queen Dona Urraca, third king of Portugal“s wife, D. Afonso II.

      Dona Urraca“s name was used to nominate all the properties surrounding this area and a small fountain as well as the names Casa da Urraca, Fonte da Urraca and Quinta da Urraca. As a reward given for the welcoming of the queen, King Afonso II conceded to Vilarinho its charter that was the first dated in 6 of December of 1218.

     The actual owners know well how important is the history of this place and they intend to share it to all the lovers of historical places offering confort and quality in a very pleasant and beautiful traditional house.


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